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Who am I? Those who are getting to know me always say “ you’re a born natural”. I began drawing and making collages while listening to music, all sorts of music : classical, rock and roll, punk, world music, you name it. At the time I drew clothing for children, women, men and then, by chance, one day I found myself in front of an old U-matic editing table – the dinosaur of all editing tables. Since I also love cooking, I ended up entertaining film crews, looking for healthy yet exotic food, while continuing my editing activities on various different subjects. My husband trained me to become a graphic designer. Somehow it seems that I also had something to communicate in this field of activity … And then one day editing became possible with the computer, so I followed that path and my career moved on to computer graphics. I sat through a lot of training courses, and when I learned all about 3D, it was sheer torture. I pursued, but 3D and I don’t really make a pair, so I went on to editing and special effects and I said goodbye to … this damn 3D nowadays, I’m still working on my collages, I film a lot for content and take lots of pictures when I travel, which is often. My ambition is to design your living room walls with my animated images, customizing your space after your own image. Brigitte Mercier alias Bbpantone


June 2014 – “Paris, mon amour” – Collage and mix techniques – bbpantone



Mai 2014 Ceramics - plat – la terre n’est pas encore cuite. Technique Sgraffito

en attendan_ bbpantone

Mai 2014  - Vase destructuré – bbpantone (still in process)




December 2013 Coiling is one of the most ancient techniques used in ceramics.

My piece is handcrafted using pinching and coiling techniques. Then I smooth it with a shiny pebble from the river.

Vase - bbpantone

Vase - bbpantone

Crispy plates by bbpantone Crispy plates  bbpantone

Crispy plates by bbpantone

June 2013 HERO and ART // Brigitte Mercier alias BBPANTONE // CONTRIBUTION
Description: There are the guardians of the common good who watch over us and safeguard equilibrium. Discover those new Heroes at Revolutionart.

from February to October, 2013  Bpantone contributions 2013 on bee-impressionism website – Bbpantone contributes to the anniversary of Impressionism.

The Yellow Dress – bbpantone for Bee-impresionism – May,2013

December, 2011 – My last contribution this year……..REVOLUTIONART CONTRIBUTORS : Bbpantone —– Issue 33 – Stop War PAGE 34


Bbpantone’s Gallery on Flickr

Belfort 14th to 21st  August 2010

Reflexion Kaparov, March 2010 printed on Zinc

Once I saw 3 Japonese Women at Musée Rodin, January 2010

Once I saw 3 japonese women at Musée Rodin, Paris

Self portrait, 2009 (composite printed on canvasses 70×50 cm)

Rendez-vous chez Valentin, 2009 (composite printed on canvasses 70×50 cm)

Him in a plate, 2009 (composite printed on canvasses 70×50 cm)